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This committee is currently a small group who is in dire need of support. Volunteers willing to update the current website ( with information are of the primary importance. Upon building a base of volunteers, this committee would like to update the website so that it may be a regular communication tool for the community.

This past year the IT/Web Development Committee set out to revamp the IFN website ( so that it would be able to act as an interactive and effective tool of communication. Accompanying the website, the Executive Committee also established a stronger presence in various social media platforms. Specifically, a Facebook page for IFN was created along with a Twitter account to further enhance communication to the community.

In 2016, the committee has a list of goals including upgrading the existing technological infrastructure and equipment, modifying the website to address various bugs that have been reported in the past and execute a vision for future planning from a technological standpoint. If any member has questions or concerns regarding email subscription or alerts, contact

 IFN is proud  to be MUHSEN  certified.  Click here
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