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Check this page often to see any announcement within the community regarding volunteer opportunities, special recognition awards for students at school or adults at work, and/or IFN recognition awards for volunteers. 

February 07, 2017 - IFN Activity Update

I would like to keep the community informed of some of the key ongoing activities at IFN . Please visit our website for more information on additional programs and activities.

  • Islamic Foundation North had several ongoing activities to combat discrimination and to increase civic engagement . IFN Civic Engagement Team is meeting regularly to review and implement plans. I am attaching minutes of the last meeting of the IFN civic engagement group.
  • On Friday January 27, 2017 IFN conducted a very successful and well attended civic engagement meeting with Lake County Law Enforcement Officials . We are receiving excellent cooperation from them including added patrolling and other activities. This is supplementing our enhanced security at IFN . Attached below are the notes from this meeting. Please see previous e mails on increased security arrangements at IFN or visit our website.
  • We will be having a seminar on how to run for local government elected offices on Sunday: Feb 26 at from 12 to 1 pm conducted by experienced two time state senator. I request you to make a note of this event date and participate to learn about the opportunities for elected positions in Lake county Il.
  • Attendance at weekend Islamic school are showing a steady increase and a number of surveys have been conducted to further improve the education area. Follow up activities are ongoing.
  • In the past our IFN representatives have visited and spoken with different news outlets to make them aware of our position on different issues of concern . Please see below Chicago Tribune newspaper coverage on IFN on recent issues. see link
  • Our Imam will be conducting a once a month family meeting and lectures in addition to several other ongoing programs The dates will be posted. Please make sure you visit the ifnonline website to make yourself familiar with the many ongoing activities being conducted by Imam Azfar.. Imams office hours and availability is also posted on the website.
  • IFN has been granted silver status membership by national organization MUHSEN for accommodating people with special needs. We are contemplating starting weekend classes for children with special needs.
  • Qari Osman Shareef has assumed responsibilities as Director of IFN Quran Academy effective Feb 6 ,2017. He will be responsible for the Hifz program, Nazira and summer school programs in addition to several other activities focusing on children and youth . We also have a highly qualified female Hafiza and Nazira teacher for girls . IFN is providing excellent Islamic education programs for our youngsters. Please avail them. Details of the programs can be obtained from IFN office. We are working to add additional offices on the first floor to accommodate increased staff and accessibility.
  • Tax information has been sent promptly to donors. If you have any questions please contact our treasurer Br Arif Khairuddin through the IFN office or calling him at phone 630 439 5786.
  • Several teams are working well to optimize our activities in an organized fashion . Please contact or write to us if you would like to volunteer.

I would request you to consider the following ;

  • Please visit Website: regularly to get familiar with programs for adults and youth. please add the website to your favorites.
  • Renew your membership for 2017 through IFN office or our website
  • Volunteer to work in your area of interest at IFN
  • Encourage members of your family to participate the many programs being offered at IFN .
  • Share IFN activities or notifications with your friends.
  • Please contribute generously so that we can carry our effective programs especially in view of the many challenges being faced by the Muslim community .

The strength of our organization is derived from our membership. We look forward to your renewing your membership at IFN for 2017 and even more participation in IFN activities .

Please join in thanking the volunteers who contribute towards the success of our organization. JazakAllah Khair.

Please continue to make Dua for safety and unity of our IFN community. Ameen

Vaseem Iftekhar
President: IFN

January 31, 2017 - Increased Security Arrangements at IFN

In view of the current situation and the tragic incidents of violence in other masajid, we have discussed and adopted a comprehensive short and long term plan to increase the security of the IFN masjid.

Our current security team has been expanded and includes the security detail newly hired at IFN . While it will not be appropriate to describe all the details of the plans here is an overview:

  • The time of the security guard has been increased and we will be hiring additional coverage during peak hours, In a separate e mail we will provide you with the background of security person in charge of security.
  • There will be increase monitoring through newly allocated cameras. Responsibility are being allocated for remote monitoring of the camera
  • Responsibility of closure of outside gate and other entrance spots have been allocated.
  • Local sheriff office has been contacted and will be followed up to increase periodic monitoring.
  • We will be vigorously following up on any threats received. So far we are not aware of any threats received.
  • There will be a consultant providing a comprehensive overview of the security and provide suggestion to further improve security for inside and outside parameters

As per the Bylaws .I have revised the IFN Security Team which now includes the following members:

Masood Ali Khan: Vice president -Chair
Shuiab Muhaaymin (Contract Security personnel)
Tanveer Jaffer
Rizwan Sheik
Shawn Bashir
All EC Members
A female IFN member to be added
Others will be added as per requirements

If others with security background and experience wish to contribute, please contact me or the security committee chair above

Regular meetings will be held to ensure adherence to plan and followup on agreed activities

While we are making comprehensive efforts to safeguard our masjid and institutions, you can contribute by

  • remaining vigilant
  • informing us or local law enforcement of any suspicious activity
  • reporting any hate crimes or acts of discrimination

We will be adopting these additional measures without disturbing the atmosphere in the our place of worship, school and other programs. Please continue to attend all the activities at the masjid as you would normally do.

Finally and importantly while we are taking necessary steps to enhance security , we should continue to prey to Allah (SWT) to keep us and everyone safe by his grace. Ameen


Vaseem Iftekhar
President: IFN

January 1, 2017 - New IFN Qur'an Academy Director & Potluck Dinner

After extensive search and interviews to fill the position of Director of Quran Academy, Alhamdulillah, we are now very pleased to announce the appointment of Qari Osman Shareef as the new Director of Quran Academy who will be spearheading Full-time, Part-time Hifz programs, Nazira and Summer Quran programs at IFN, InshaAllah.

Qari Osman Shareef brings with him a wealth of experience from his career in Dallas, TX, teaching Hifz, Masq (Qirat), and Tajweed. Besides his experience he has very impressive education background. He completed his Hifz from Institute of Islamic Education (IIE), Elgin and completed Aalim course in Islamic Theology from Inaamiya Madarsa, Durban, South Africa. He has also completed and specialized in an elective of Qirrah As-Sabaa wa Al-Ashara (Quranic recitations in seven to ten different authentic styles). InshaAllah, we look forward to Qari Osman Shareef to utilize his education and experience in running a successful Quran Academy program at IFN.

Qari Osman Shareef will be starting his job at IFN from first week of February 2017. In the mean time he is visiting Chicago during the holiday break. We will avail this time to introduce him to the community on January 1, 2017 @ 6 PM and also provide an opportunity for parents, students and community members to interact with him. We encourage you to mark your calendars for January 1, 2017, join the potluck dinner and request you to be a part of welcoming Qari Osman Shareef to the IFN community, InshaAllah.

Date: Sunday, January 1, 2017
Time: 6 PM till Isha

  • Dua and Introduction of Qari Osman Shareef
  • Lecture by Qari Osman Shareef (topic: Importance of Quranic Education in the current day and age)
  • Quran Academy Program Overview
  • Q&A Session
  • Potluck Dinner
  • Isha Salah

October 25, 2016 - Seeking IFN 2017 Calendar Sponsors

Dear IFN community members


We are pleased to inform that IFN will publish its 2017 calendar soon before the year end inshaAllah. The IFN calendar every year is printed with the Salah timings, IFN events, and the ads of the calendar sponsors.

IFN calendar committee would like to invite and encourage the interested individuals and/or businesses to put their ads in the calendar. As IFN calendar reaches to more than 500 members of IFN community every year, it is good opportunity for individuals and/or businesses to reach out to the community and at the same time earn ajar for sponsoring the IFN masjid calendar.

The price to publish business card size advertisement and index in each page of the calendar is as follows:.

One business card sized slot is $ 200

Two business card sized slots is $ 350

This year the sponsors Ad will also be included in the Ramadan prayer time table booklet at no extra charge.

Please note that the deadline to hear from you is October 31, 2016. We hope to hear from you soon, IA.

To print your ad in the calendar or if you have any questions, please contact:

Br. Ejaz Hasan


Ph: (847) 532-2114

Br. Saquib Ahmed


Jazkhallah kharien

Saquib Ahmed

IFN Calendar Committee

September 26, 2016 - Education Committee Update

Asalaam Alaikum

I am pleased to announce that Dr.Mohammad Waseem Kagzi has accepted the position of Chairperson/Director of the IFN Education Committee. Dr.Kagzi has been actively involved with IFN for well over a decade and has been involved in leadership position in our organization. He is the past Chairman of the IFN Board of Trustees and is also an active member of the current Board.

In addition to his increasing responsibility at IFN, Imam Azfaruddin will be a member of the education committee. Other committee members will be announced soon.

Islamic education is a core responsibility of Islamic Foundation North. In addition to weekend Islamic school and Quran Academy, a number of other educational programs are ongoing at Islamic Foundation North. We hope that Inshallah we will further streamline all the programs, enhance the quality and add additional educational initiatives being proposed by our membership.We should thank and do dua for the previous committee and trust that they will continue to be involved in progressing education at IFN .

Please join me in wishing Dr. Kagzi and his prospective team best of luck and pray to Allah (swt) to fulfill our mission at Islamic Foundation North .

JazakAllah Khair
Vaseem Iftekhar

September 4, 2016 - Fellowship Program

One of the requirements for the Muslim community is get involved in matters that effect us at present and in the future. IFN does not endorse any political party or any candidate but encourages its youth and adults to participate in the process.

One can apply here, or read on to find out more.

The Illinois Democratic Coordinated Campaign is hiring fellows! Open to high school and college students, recent grads, and those interested in political campaigns, the fellowship program will provide political organizing experience in a fast paced environment.


  • Learn the basics of organizing
  • Get to know the political landscape of your community
  • Work in a fast paced, goal oriented environment
  • Gain skills for campaigning and incomparable professional experience


  • Fellows will be expected to help for a minimum of 15 hours per week
  • Responsibilities range from running an office, launching door knocks, running phone banks and recruiting new volunteers
  • Fellows will be given leadership trainings and offered shadowing opportunities in their local field offices.
  • Earn school credit
  • Submit an application here:

Please do not hesitate to reach out to with questions or concerns.

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