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Qari Osman Shareef

After extensive search and interviews to fill the position of Director of Quran Academy, Alhamdulillah, we are now very pleased to announce the appointment of Qari Osman Shareef as the new Director of Quran Academy who will be spearheading Full-time, Part-time Hifz programs, Nazira and Summer Quran programs at IFN, InshaAllah.

Qari Osman Shareef brings with him a wealth of experience from his career in Dallas, TX, teaching Hifz, Masq (Qirat), and Tajweed. Besides his experience he has very impressive education background. He completed his Hifz from Institute of Islamic Education (IIE), Elgin and completed Aalim course in Islamic Theology from Inaamiya Madarsa, Durban, South Africa. He has also completed and specialized in an elective of Qirrah As-Sabaa wa Al-Ashara (Quranic recitations in seven to ten different authentic styles). InshaAllah, we look forward to Qari Osman Shareef to utilize his education and experience in running a successful Quran Academy program at IFN.

For enrollment information contact Abdulkhaliq Mohammed at 224-205-0829.

Girls Hifz Teacher - Somaia Hammoud

Credentials - 

- BA/Islamic Sciences​ - Al Azhar University ​March, 2018

- Ijazah (license)/Authentic Quran Recitation​ –Al Azhar Scholar (a chain of authentic reciters) ​2015 BA/Literature & Eastern Languages​– Ain Shams University - Cairo, Egypt ​1979

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