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Br. Muhammad Adisa

After extensive search and interviews to fill the position of Director of Quran Academy, Alhamdulillah, we are now very pleased to announce the appointment of Br. Muhammad Adisa as the new Director of Quran Academy who will be spearheading Full-time, Part-time Hifz programs, Nazira and Summer Quran programs at IFN, InshaAllah.

Muhammad Adisa completed his hifz from the institute of Islamic education in Elgin, Illinois during the summer of 2012. Immediately upon returning home he began to accumulate his 10 years of experience teaching the holy book of Allah(SWT) in northwest Indiana. After some years he went to the Darussalam Seminary to study the Islamic sciences of Arabic, Fiqh, Seerah etc. While pursuing these avenues of Islamic knowledge, he was also leading the Taraweeh prayers for communities across the country. Currently, he is completing his Ijazah in Hafs.

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