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Islamic Foundation North Campus Expansion.

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Expansion Update - 2021.10.01 - IFN Campus Expansion Monthly Update Oct 2021.pdf

Expansion Update - 2021.09.01 - IFN Campus Expansion Monthly Update SEPT 2021.pdf

Expansion Update - 2021.08.01 - IFN Campus Expansion Monthly Update AUGUST 2021.pdf

Expansion Update - 2021.07.01 - IFN Campus Expansion Monthly Update JULY 2021.pdf

Expansion Update - 2021.06.01 - IFN Campus Expansion Monthly Update JUNE 2021.pdf

Summary of Expansion Project

The project is an addition to the current Islamic Foundation North facility of Libertyville. The expansion is motivated by IFN’s desire to serve the community better and meet practical needs, better service the purpose of religious instructions to future generations and serve as a model Islamic community institution in the northern suburbs of Chicago. The board of trustees of IFN are seeking to improve and expand the facility within the existing ten acres lot. An in-depth study led to the proposed design to add 66,500 sq. ft. to the existing facility. There will be three component buildings: one to serve the community's academic goals, second to provide social services, and third to serve the community's religious needs. They are designed to be inter-related and inter-connected.

·       The future Academic wing will add an additional 24 classrooms, administrative staff offices, teacher’s rooms, meeting rooms and offices. There will be an open gallery for use for lectures, gathering and space for students to hang out.

·       The Social wing will add an indoor Gymnasium of NCAA size standard basketball court, that will be sub-dividable. It will allow multiple games to be held at the same time. Within the Gym on the second floor, there will be a 3-lane track for walking, jogging, and running activities, overlooking the basketball court. The Social wing shall have a large dining facility below the Gym for use by community members for various occasions. The wing shall include a Computer Center and library, providing study / learning space as well as internet access for IFN community members.

·       IFN’s existing building shall serve primarily as a religious center. Parking on the entire site will increase from 246 to 329 parking spaces. Points of drop-off and pick-up and vehicular movement throughout the campus shall be improved.

The new additions make use of creative planning to provide an open front courtyard and a rear semi-enclosed garden and a dedicated secured children’s play area. The vision for this campus expansion is to provide not only the needed functional spaces, but also an all-encompassing environment for the community.

IFN’s new facility shall be a state of the art, class-A standard building, meeting all current codes and ordinances. The new buildings shall be constructed out of masonry, stucco, metal panels, Islamic ornamental metal designs, steel framing, cast concrete and glass, expressing best elements of Islamic architecture in a contemporary aesthetic fit.

Alhamdolilah an ORDINANCE GRANTING AN AMENDMENT TO AN EXISTING CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT 1999 IFN CUP has been approved by Waukegan Planning and Zoning / Waukegan Community Development and Waukegan City Council, now we will work towards getting construction Permit. The target is to start construction of the project in Spring of 2022.

The Construction Committee's primary role is to oversee and/or supervise the large capital investment projects that are undertaken by IFN. Currently, the primary focus of the committee is to oversee the first phase of the Multi-Purpose Facility and Masjid Expansion Project.

See the videos below with proposed plan for the Expansion.

 Join the Official _IFN WhatsApp Group

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