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Pursuant of the decision by the Board of Trustees, Shaykh Azfar Uddin will officially assume his duties as Religious Director/Imam of Islamic Foundation North effective January 4, 2016.

Shaykh Azfar Uddin graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Benedictine University. His degree is in Education with a minor in History. Shaykh Azfar graduated from Benedictine with distinction, maintaining high honors throughout his academic career. He is currently writing his thesis on "How Imams can survive and possibly thrive while working in the masjid"

He completed his memorization of the Quran at the age of 12. He returned to the Institute of Islamic Education to pursue his goal in becoming an Islamic scholar and completed the ‘Alimiyyah Program which is a five-year, post-secondary program designed to train its students in the classical foundation of the Islamic sciences. He completed the last two years of the ‘Alim program including the Dawrah al-Hadith year from Darul Uloom Online. He is currently obtaining a Masters in Islamic Theology from American Islāmic College. He has written research papers on “The ethics of playing sports”, “The misconceptions of Sufism”, “Is the prohibition of music in Islam a blanket statement for all types of music and songs during all situations?”, “Is the law of apostasy one of the non-negotiable aspects of Islamic law” and more. Meanwhile, he has taught ‘Aqidah, Fiqh, Sīrah, and Arabic to Middle school and High school students.

Shaykh Azfar has been awarded many awards for his leadership qualities, excellence in teaching, and his service to the community. In addition to delivering enlightening lectures at various mosques, high schools and universities, Shaykh Azfar is the CEO of Concise Advice, a YouTube channel geared towards teaching different aspects of Islam consisting of Muslim scholars, students of knowledge, doctors, lawyers and Muslim professionals.

Shaykh Azfar Uddin is the Imām and Resident Scholar at Islamic Foundation North.

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