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In an effort to continuously serve all of IFN's community members, Imam Azfar and a support team have volunteered their time and resource to help those who are new to the fold of Islam. Below are individuals and resources available.

Support Team
For Sisters

Sr. Helena - ; 224.715.4223
Sr. Sehr Sheikh - 847.668.8031

For Brothers

Br. Giovaskie Perez - 224.360.3488
Br. Qadri Abdallah - 847.708.2930
Br. Sensei Najimu Seneda - 847.406.7277 (Attend Sensei's Weekly Akido Classes)
Br. Hussam Mostafa - 708.289.4673
Br. Zaid - 847.406.6832
Br. Shayaan Shaikh - 847.668.8034

For our new converts, feel free to fill out this questionnaire and submit it to the convert care support team as a starting point to getting to know one another. 

Brother and Sister Questionnaire.pdf

Spiritual Guidance
Imam Azfar. Imam will give the new Muslim a tour of the masjid, give advice on some changes that new Muslims often face, and explain the Islamic beliefs. He will also provide resources. Imam Azfar will also ask that they fill out the brother/sister questionnaire. 

Hajj/Umrah Letter
Imam will email a letter to the new Muslim stating when they pronounced their declaration of faith so they can go for Hajj/Umrah.

Qur’an teachers (learn how to read in person)
Abdur-Rahman Basith - Male Qur’an teacher - 847-226-0746
Sr. Tanveer Basith - Female Qur’an teacher - 847- 749- 7617

Learn how to read the Qur’an Online

Organizations where they can learn the basics of the religion under the guidance of a teacher. 

  1. Islamic Essentials Darul Qasim (online)

  2. GainPeace.(In person)
    Contact: Shahab Sayeedi ( 

  3. Attend periodic gatherings held by Ta’leef Chicago. (In person)

Be part of the IFN community 

  • Attend monthly potluck dinners at IFN. Contact Emad Hasan 847-924-6178
  • Attend Imam Azfar’s monthly adult lectures.
  • Attend weekly Friday khutbahs at IFN.
  • Attend Sensai Najimu’s weekly Akido classes. Contact Najimu.
  • Attend Imam Azfar’s weekly tafsir on Wednesday after Isha.
  • Attend Imam Azfar’s weekly salawat circle on Thursday after Isha.
  • Attend Imam Azfar’s post Fajr talks after Fajr on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

How the New Muslim can continue further learning
Imam will send periodic emails to the Convert Care contacts as far as attending various lectures/spiritual gatherings across the Chicagoland community

 IFN is proud  to be MUHSEN  certified.  Click here
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