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As your Imam, I will serve as the spiritual leader and teacher to the diverse IFN community.

In addition, I will:

1. - Explain the Qur'an and the Prophetic Practice in such a manner as to reach our children, youth, adults, and elderly, despite their religious or spiritual condition.
2. - Lead people by example

My mission for the people of IFN is that the community:

   1. - Fuifill the rights of Allah
   2. - Fulfill the rights of creation
   3. - Learn the Fard 'ayn and how to beautify it through the sunnah
   4. - Strive towards Ihsan everyday
   5. - Become a family-oriented community

In conjunction with these roles and responsibilities, Imam Azfar has a list of ideas and activities he does hope to develop and instill as to be a part of the IFN Community. Some of these are:

   General Imam Responsibilities
   1. - Lead the prayers when at the Masjid
   2. - Lead funeral prayers and counsel family members
   3. - Perform Marriage Ceremonies
   4. - Generating new ideas for the community to take part in based on his previous involvement with these 
          programs.    5. - Available for post prayer informal discussion, question/answer sessions
   6. - Delivery Friday Sermons (Khutbahs) - Twice a month
   7. - Lead Tarawih Prayers
   8. - Serve as a spiritual, religious, and inspirational leader to the diverse IFN community
   9. - Provide Jumu'ah Khutbah Training Sessions periodically
 10. - Write monthly blogs for the IFN website (

   Youth Activities/Education
   1. - Lead Maktab Program for Boys & Girls (middle school & high school students)
   2. - Teaching a class for HSYC (High School Youth Core)
   3. - Lead Sunday School Assembly
   4. - Be a guest speaker for Sunday School Programs (once every semester)
   5. - Help Sunday School program through Curriculum Review & providing feedback to teachers. Also a                      member of the hiring committee
   6. - Presentations with YM (Young Muslims) & SSU (Sisters Steppin' Up) once a month
   7. - Help answer questions posed by YM/SSU

   Adult Education/Programs
   1. - Instructing a Weekly Arabic 101 & 201Class for Adults (Imam has delegated this to Darul Qasim)
   2. - Provide Tafsir Sessions
   3. - Leading a Weekly Hadith Session
   4. - Teach convert class as needed & be available to participants outside of class (Convert Care Resources)
   5. - Provide pre-marital counseling sessions
   6. - Developing & presenting on contemporary Islamic topics at IFN to Adults   
   7. - Present at regional/international workshops and conferences
   8. - Invite guest speakers/scholars to provide seminars/lectures and deliver khutbahs
   9. - Member of Zakat Committee, answer questions they have in regards to Zakah/Sadaqah
 10. - Member of Funeral Committee. Member of the IFN Ghusl service
 11. - Provide post Fajr talks when available focusing on refining character
 12. - Give a monthly adult lecture for sisters only 

   Social Media
   1. - Answer questions in person, via email/phone/website ( to the IFN Community 
   2. - Providing a monthly blog (article/advice) for IFN on their website: Imam's Corner
   3. - Video record beneficial videos for the Muslim community on contemporary topics
   4. - Interview Local scholars and Muslim Professionals on various topics

   1. - Build bridges with regional interfaith leaders, other masajid and people of other faiths
   2. - Invite Pastors/Rabbis to speak at IFN for dialogue
   3. - Brainstorm ideas with various imams/scholars via email, phone, or in person
   4. - Give tours to non-Muslims interested in learning about Islam.

   Service Learning/Volunteer
   1. - Hospital visitation to provide spiritual support in the hospital environment to patients, hospital staff, and             family members

   Counseling (Pastoral only)
   1. - Counseling the community members (Youth, Adults, Married Couples) in light of the Qur'an. Prophetic
         teachings and proven effective strategies (clients are sent to Khalil Center if it involves mental health)

 Join the Official _IFN WhatsApp Group

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