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Location:          Learning Resource Center
Day:                  Every Wednesday (begins July 4, 2018) 
Time:                10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.  
Instructor:       Imam Azfar Uddin

Students FEEDBACK Video:   Click Here to Listen to Students' Reviews


   Boys registration is full, you may still register to be  
   added on the waiting list. Contact Imam Azfar.

   Click The link below to Register:

All applicants must also sign the electronic waiver form and permission slip:

Maktab Permission Slip


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Please email Imam Azfar the full name of your child, age, address, phone number, email, and why you are sending your child to Imam Azfar's Maktab class. If there is anything Imam Azfar should be aware of when teaching your child, suggestions on topics to be included in the sessions, please do include those items when registering

Tuition:  $50/child(checks payable to IFN) - give check to Br. Ejaz in the office
- if you're unable to pay the tuition, let Imam Azfar know. No student will be left behind on the account of funds

Maximum Class Size = 15 Registered Students - This is for Middle School & High School Students Only

Learn the Fard 'Ayn (that which relates to tasks every Muslim is required to perform such as having a sound 'aqidah, rules that relate to your profession (if you're a doctor, you have to know certain ethics of medicine. If you are a merchant, you need to know the rules of buying and selling. If you are getting married, you need to know the rules of nikah and relations.

A basic knowledge of jurisprudence

- Purification- including cleanliness, najasa, how to clean yourself
- Prayer – It’s pillars and what is fard, mandub, sunna
- The rules of fasting
- The Zakat and how to pay it, what to pay it on, when it’s due
- The rules of Hajj that you make once in your lifetime

Also included in the fard ayn is learning how to purify your heart from what spiritually ails it. You must know how to treat these spiritual diseases.

IFN's Maktab Bubble Soccer & Bike Ride - Summer 2018
The Maktab Program led by Imam Azfar mixes fun with learning. Every other week there are activities done as a group. Below are some pictures of the activities including Bubble Soccer and a Bike Ride at Independence Grove.

IFN's Maktab Bike Ride - August 2017
The Maktab Program led by Imam Azfar had a fun day of bike riding and a great informational talk by George Garner Cyclery


Officer Ramtin visits IFN's Maktab Program - March 2017

Officer Ramtin makes a visit to Imam's Maktab Program to discuss what it's like being a Police Officer and a Muslim.

Apple Orchard Field Trip - September 2016
The students gained a better understanding of the environment and learned about different community members that have a role in maintaining the environment.


 IFN is proud  to be MUHSEN  certified.  Click here
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