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The Fundraising Committee (FRC) carries a difficult burden in which volunteers are requested to generate ideas, execute plans and ultimately ask for donations from the community with hope and enthusiasm to see progress and growth at IFN as a whole. Alhamdulillah, due to the growth in the community and generous donations of members in the past, the FRC's need of extra funds was minimized. 

Date: September 22, 2018
Location: Holiday Inn - Gurnee, IL
Time: 6:00 p.m.

The Fund Raising Committee invites you to the yearly Fund Raising Dinner on September 22 at Holiday Inn Gurnee. Social hour starts at 6 PM

The Goal is to raise money for the Phase I Capital project for building a multipurpose facility

The IFN community members met in 2010 for the Strategic Planning meeting to set goals to be completed by 2020. With the blessing of Allah SWT and the generous donations of the Patrons IFN completed the Funeral facility, we have a Full time Imam serving the community. Free Clinic has been established, MUHSEN program is in place for special needs children.Multipurpose facility was one of the Goals for the 2020 portrait .The General Body approved the construction Committee's plans for PHASE I of the multi purpose facility project in 2018.

In today's environment The Muslim community desired a place for the youth to hang out that will be safe, in the proximity of the mosque, where both the spiritual and physical needs of our youth will be met.

In addition to the spiritual needs of our children,they need social interaction and bonding with their peers, they form friendships which last a lifetime,

We are planning a Fund Raising Dinner event for PHASE I on September 22 2018 at Holiday Inn Gurnee. Social Hour starts at 6PM.

Guest speaker is Sheikh Hafiz Mohammad Abdullah Waheed, cofounder of Miftah institute and Director of Islamic affairs at Flint Islamic Center. He is a Charismatic Motivational National Speaker who specializes in Tafseer of The Holy Quran.

IFN family have generously supported the IFN projects, once again we need your active participation in supporting our youth to realize their dream.

Thank you
Fehmida Khan

Fundraising Event Chair


PS: Tickets can be purchased from IFN Main office or one of the EC, BOT members or fundraising committee volunteers. Payments can be made in cash or check in the office by referencing you ticket number or can be made online at Please include the ticket number and the name of the person in the referral section when you are paying online.


It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the IFN Fundraising Committee, we are inviting you to the annual Fund Raising Event at Holiday Inn Gurnee on October 13, 2017: Strengthening Taqwa with Islamic education.

Al Hamdu Lillah, IFN has taken great strides in improving education, these could not have been possible without the sponsorship, goodwill, and service of the whole community. Besides, our fraternity has shown exemplary unity in working together and rising above for unfaltering progress. IFN believes investment in education is the investment in our future. Furthermore, since excellence is a standard and not a goal, we look ahead to the future, wherein lies potential for IFN to become a true representative of Muslims in the USA, In Shaa Allah.

We go back to the year 2010, when IFN, in its strategic planning for the next ten years had focused on Educational Improvement, bolstered by a need for a dedicated Imam. Al Hamdu Lillah, the following measures bear the sweet fruit of success today:

1. We have employed a full-time Imam, who is born and raised here, he is sensitive to the problems of the youth and gives them viable suggestions on steering their course. Since his arrival, youth activity has increased. He is also available on the IFN’s website to answer questions and to offer help those in need.

The Imam has contributed to raising IFN to excellence by offering multiple educational activities.

These include besides Jummah Khutbas, Jummah Khutbah training program, Quran Tafseer, and Hadith, Fajar Prayer Tafseer, and Hadith, Fifteen-minute Tajweed sessions after Fajr for those who want to improve their recitation

Maghrib prayer and Tafseer, Presentation to the Adult sisters, Dars program once a month, Presentations to Young Muslims, HSYC, SSU , and Sunday school Assembly

New Programs that are initiated through the Imam include:

Tea with Imam, discussing serious religious historical and social topics with the opportunity to Q and A, Pre-Marital and Marriage counseling. Muhsen program that is helping the special needs kids and members of the community, Maktab program that is helping pre- teens, New Muslim education counseling and support, Weekly Arabic program, Hajj and Umrah programs

Ramadan programs and Itehkaaf programs, Pastoral Counseling, performing Nikah, leading the Namaz-e-Janazah and counseling to the bereaved, Interfaith activities, Building bridges with religious leaders of other Masajids and Faiths, Posting monthly blogs and educational videos for information and education of the community and to connect to the community.

In addition, In Shaa Allah, the Imam is planning to initiate additional Tafseer and Hadith programs for the adults.

2. Al Hamdu Lillah, our Sunday school has improved by the hiring of a qualified Principal together with a staff of certified teachers.Our Saturday program continues to demonstrate excellence in education. Our Saturday and Sunday school programs are self- supporting financially.

3. Another sterling addition to our educational program is Qari Osman, who is running our Quran Academy. He is a well-known Quran Scholar, who has generated a lot of interest in Quranic Studies in the Community. By Allah’s Grace, we have 15 Hifz Students, this is the largest number since the initiation of the Hifz Program, they are learning to memorize the Quran in the best way possible. Al Hamdu Lillah. In addition, we now have 25 Nazirah students. As the numbers of Students are increasing Quran Academy is becoming financially Independent.

The progress at IFN would not be possible without your generosity and help. You supported the programs in the past to lead IFN to success. However, we must keep up this process to help our youth find a compass and a guide to lead a life of piety through the Involvement of the Imam and his continuous association with IFN. We want your continued support to help us fulfill the goals set by IFN members and Strategic Planning Committee whereby we have a dedicated Imam to fulfill: the Community’s aspirations to have an increased frequency of Salah being fronted by the Imam and accompanying excellence in education. In Shaa Allah, we hope that due to a dedicated Imam, we would end up optimally utilizing IFN attracting our Brothers and Sisters from far and wide, and due to the continuous interaction with the dedicated Imam, our graduates becoming the best Muslims, in process blossoming into future Leaders. Your support will assure the continuation of progress and excellence of education

We look forward to your pledge to donate freely to the cause elucidated in the preceding paragraph, and make as much contribution as you possibly can to help us fulfill our character-building dream for our youth. Your Investment is definitely an investment in the lives of our children, our future, In Shaa Allah.


Fehmida Khan

Chairperson IFN Fundraising Committee


Keynote speech by Salam Al-Marayati
IFN Fundraiser - Panel Discussion

The IFN Fundraising committee cordially invites the IFN Community to the Annual Fundraising Dinner onOctober 22nd, 2016 at the Holiday Inn Gurnee. Our goal this year is to raise funds for maintenance and renovation of our IFN Facility.

"The Masjids of Allah (SWT) shall be visited and maintained by those who believe Allah and the last day, establish regular prayers and pay Zakat, and fear none except Allah (SWT), it is they who are expected to be on true guidance" - the Holy Quran, Surah 9:18.

Our IFN facility was built in 2004 and is in need of significant overhaul to the mitigate accumulated wear and tear. Our maintenance and construction team has estimated replacement/repairs of approximately $150,000, pertaining to the HVAC system, Tiles and Carpet. Our goal this year is to raise enough money to cover the costs of this renovation.

Event Details
Theme: Building Bridges for a stronger tomorrow
Date: Oct 22, 2016
Location: Holiday Inn Gurnee - 6161 West Grand Avenue, Gurnee IL. 60031
Guest Speaker: Salam Al -Marayati,President and founder of Muslim Public Affair Council.

Maghrib: 6:00 PM
Social Hour: 6:15 PM
Program 7:00 PM

* Babysitting will be available.

May Allah (SWT) bestow you and your family with peace, light and tranquility on the Judgement Day; and have palaces ready for you and your family in Paradise, Aameen!

 IFN is proud  to be MUHSEN  certified.  Click here
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