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IFN values the ability for being a positive outlet for its future leaders and community members. That being said, the Executive Committee is always looking for ideas and activities that will continue to engage its youth.

In order to streamline youth activities and encourage further initiatives, Islamic Foundation North has established the IFN Youth Council will be an official committee within the Executive Committee. This IFN youth council is an assembly of dedicated young leaders who have many aspirations and big dreams for our masjid. Many of these leaders are active members of Muslim youth groups in their schools and colleges also.

Members for this IFN youth leadership team include the following:

-Sehr Shaikh, SSU & CLC MSA
-Taha Tayyabi, YM & CLC MSA

'The Youth Council strives to make IFN a place where youth feel welcome. This is completed through facilitating youth participation, integrating understanding, respect, and open communication among the youth in the IFN community by organizing a variety of interactive events.

 Join the Official _IFN WhatsApp Group

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