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The masjid is available for brothers and sisters to congregate and discuss various topics amongst themselves. As a part of the Religious Affairs committee, Dr. Walid Khayr is a longtime staple of the IFN community and offers his time with the brothers and sister every Sunday to discuss various portions of the Quran as well as other topics surrounding the community. This is then followed by a Question & Answer Session in the IFN Banquet Hall. The halaqa typically starts in the fall and finishes in May.

The program runs on the Sunday School Calendar and therefore classes will be held every Sunday at Islamic Foundation North in Libertyville, IL.


This year we will be covering and discovering various surahs to answer everyday questions. Please join us next week for an introductory session.

In the previous academic year, we discussed the Qur'anic Constructs or Surahs of para 29 as they were revealed chronologically in Mecca. The Meccan period can be divided into three intervals. The below 11 Constructs were revealed during the 1st and 2nd interval. The discussion aims at:

  • Exploring the ideas and principles that informed the Vision of the Message at its inception and the Mission of the Messenger
  • Identifying the high values that define the believers in their journey to realize the Beautiful Names of Allah in their life
  • Examining the different methods and styles that Quran uses to confer its guidance or “huda”. Attached is an article about the Language of Quran, that the group can refer to and use during the discussion.

1st Interval: 

2nd Interval:

  • 71 - Nooh - Noah
  • 76 - Ad-Dahr - The Time
  • 72 - Al-Jinn - The Unseen Beings
  • 67 - Al-Mulk - The Supreme Kingdom

Dr. Walid Khayr has been committed to teaching life lessons and wisdom from the Quran for the past 14 years to the IFN Community. He is a Hafiz-al-Quran and a Scholar. He strongly believes in empowering the community and individuals to use the Quran as a guide, a relevant reference book, a letter to YOU from Allah - so that YOU can uncover the hidden treasures in each of the blessed verses of the Quran.

Do you still find yourself asking ... Why should I attend? How are his classes any different?

Well, let his students tell you why you should join us through our personal testimonies:

  • Dr. Khayr uses a holistic approach to understanding the Quran by relating everyday examples that can apply to anyone anywhere. His goal in class is to engage YOU in the conversation. He is always seeking YOUR input so YOU can benefit.
  • His classes have not only changed lives, they have saved lives. He has a peer to peer approach to guiding and broadening your understanding of the Quran. We promise you, once you begin learning in this intimate way - you will develop the skills to ask deeper questions and you will get deeper answers from the Quran.
  • Transform. Personally, Professionally, Socially! We guarantee that the way you begin to learn from the Quran will touch all areas of your life and help you on a daily basis.
  • His medical training and his compassionate heart will always make you feel like there is someone who not only cares to teach you, but rather, you will feel that someone is on this personal journey with you. His character exemplifies the highest values in the Quran and he will model for you - the character and "way of being" the Quran describes and Allah (swt) demands of us. He's certainly not all talk - he is ALL action!
  • Dr. Khayr will NEVER tell you what to think, rather he uses examples from the Prophets (peace and blessings be upon them) to teach you how to think, how to learn and how to strive. Dr. Khayr is in it FOR YOU and you will feel it.
  • He will challenge your feelings of hopelessness and help shift you into being an empowered action driven Muslim and citizen of the world.

Dr. Khayr's Hope for you; Our Expectations for the Class:

  • Come prepared
  • Share your views/opinions and thoughts
  • Ask plenty of questions, no question is too big and no question will go unanswered.
  • Curriculum

In our first 2 sessions, we explored the Prophetic Model of answering the call to social discord. We looked at the social issues that were apparent in Madina and how the Prophet (SAWS) used the guidance of the Quran to approach and solve those problems.

Following are the links to the first 2 sessions of 2016-2017 Academic Year:

Session 1 -

Session 2 -

With this knowledge we (the class) will take the prophetic lessons to set the framework for our academic year.

From Session 3 onwards we will dive deeply into Surah Al-Nur, where Allah (swt) addresses many of the social issues. We will use the Ayah's in Surah Al-Nur along with other references from the Quran to discover methods we can apply in our lives to help solve our own and current social issues.

Session 3 -

Session 4 -

Session 5 -

Session 6 -

Finally, we will move into identifying approaches to stop the spread of OR at the very least how we can help minimize the spread of "Al-Fahisha" i.e., harmful social practices.

Session 7 -

Session 8 -

Session 9 -

Session 10 -

Center of Axis of Surah Al-Noor

Session 11 -

Session 12 -

Session 13 -

Session 14 -

Session 15 -

Session 16 -

Session 17 -

Also, check out our YouTube Channel where you can find recording of past Friday Khutbas and Tafseer Sessions by Dr. Walid Khayr.

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A Summary of the lectures on Practice of Giving

Friday (May 13th, 2016) Khutbah on the topic of “Mutual Advice” -

Friday (December 23rd, 2016)  Khutbah -

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