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Start Date: Maghrib, Wednesday, March 10, 2024 

Tarawih: Starts Tuesday, March 9 after Isha 

Ramadan Workshops



Start Date: Maghrib, Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 (click the link for the full calendar)

Ramadan Calendar - 1444

Tarawih: Starts Wednesday, March 22nd after Isha (click the link for the tarawih schedule)

Tarawih Schedule

Sponsor an Iftar: Contact the IFN Executive Committee if you'd like to sponsor an iftar.

IFN will be hosting a daily iftar and will also host Suhore in the last 10 days of Ramadan. If you are interested in sponsoring an iftar or Suhore please contact the following:

Br. Ejaz Hasan - (847) 532-2114
Aamir Ahmed - (312) 848-3149
Sr. Samina Anwar - (847) 770-8990

Iftar Sponsorship

Option 1- Donate $600 towards to an iftar fund and the Masjid will arrange an iftar for 50 people which includes the regular community walk-ins.

Option 2 - Invite up to 130 guests.

  • Arrange the food for up to 180 guests including 50 community walk-ins
  • Pay $200
  • Bring your own food and supplies

Suhoor Sponsorship

Option 1- Pay $500 and Masjid will range Sahore for 50 walk-ins
Option 2- Invite up to 80 guests.

  • Arrange the food for up to 120 guests including 40 community walk-ins
  • Pay $200
  • Bring your own food and supplies

Babysitting Arrangements

The IFN Team has made special babysitting arrangements this year to make it convenient for mothers to offer Isha & Taraweeh. IFN will be offering free babysitting services for children between the ages of 3-7 during Isha & Taraveeh. (9:00 PM - 10:30 PM) daily.

Having babysitters to watch over the children during Taraweeh is a great way to ensure that they are safe and entertained while you attend to your religious obligations. The babysitters will keep the children occupied and entertained. Parents can bring toys, board games, puzzles or activities to keep the children engaged and entertained. This can include coloring books, building blocks, and other age-appropriate activities.

For sisters with strollers we would like to request your assistance in ensuring that everyone has a comfortable and safe experience during taraweeh. Due to space constraints, we kindly ask that sisters with strollers proceed to the basement classroom during the salah & taraweeh. The classroom in the basement will allow mothers to have more space to move around with their strollers and to pray comfortably. A new carpet is being placed in the classroom downstairs. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter and thank you for helping to make it a success for everyone.

Children Fasts:

During the blessed month of Ramadan, many children will choose to fast although not obligatory on them. Fasting for many children serves as a means of taking part in Ramadan, allowing them to develop their spiritual connection with Allah SWT from an early age. We as a community should recognize their efforts and achievements in fasting.

If your child ages between 5-12, is fasting and you would like to recognize their efforts at IFN, please contact Rameen Rakhangi at * with the child’s full name and age.

*Rameen Rakhangi has been helping with coordinating the effort for the last several years, Mashallah.. Your child's name(s) will be displayed on the IFN LCD Display Panels throughout Ramadan and they will get a token of appreciation from IFN at the end of Ramadan.

The objective is to encourage their efforts and reward them with a well-deserved treat during Ramadan. May Allah (SWT) give us strength, guidance to fast in the most righteous way and make this Ramadan joyful and rewarding for our community. 

Ramadan Set & Forget Campaign

- Watch the video to learn more on how to join!

Fiqh of Fasting Presentation by Imam Azfar

Fiqh of Fasting.pptx

Hanafi witr.pdf


Al Hisnul-e-Hasin


Ramadan is undoubtedly the month of great blessings for us as Muslims. With a chance to reconnect with Allah (SWT) and grow closer to him throughout the month, IFN offers tarawih prayers, itikaf arrangements, daily iftar throughout the month, and sahoor during the last 10 days to encourage members to spend as much time as the masjid as possible.

Being that it is also the time of the year in which rewards are increased, volunteers are greatly encouraged to devote some of their time to help facilitate all of these services. Whether it be cleaning, coordinating parking, or simply donating, the help is always appreciated. Please contact an Executive Committee member to find out where you can help.

Also, during this month, IFN invites its Muslim and Non-Muslim neighbors of the Lake County Area for and Inter-faith and Intra-Faith Iftar/dinner to be IFN's distinguished guests and allow us to host them and share the Muslim tradition together as a community at large.

 Join the Official _IFN WhatsApp Group

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