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Below is a day by day schedule of the verses recited by Dr. Walid Khayr during the first 8 rakats of tarawih. The remaining 12 rakat, the IFN Qur'an Academy graduates complete the juz.





 06/27 23 37 1-102
 06/28 24 39 32-67
 06/29 2541
 06/30 2646 1-35
 07/01 2751
 07/02 2858
 07/03 2968
 07/04 3078


This year Fiqh council of  ISNA has declared that Ramadan will begin on Monday, June 6, 2016. Islamic Foundation North will follow the Ramadan calendar published by  ISNA  as was done in the past years. The first night of Tarweh at IFN  will therefore be on Sunday, June 5, 2016

Click Here to Download the IFN Ramadan Calendar

The following is the prayer schedule for year 2016 beginning on June 5. 2016.

  • Imam Azfaruddin, our new IFN Imam will lead the Isha prayers.
  • Dr. Walid Khayr will lead the 8 rakah of tarweh followed by Witr prayer
  • There will be a short tafseer after 4 rakas by Imam Azfaruddin
  • For those who do the 20 rakahs the Hufaz who graduated from IFN Quran Academy will conduct the additional 12 rakas as arranged by Qari Syed Ahmed Ali

If you wish to volunteer during Ramadan, please contact IFN office and register your name, address and your area of interest.

On behalf of the Executive Committee and Board of Trustees, we wish  you all a pious Ramadan. May Allah accept our Ibadah and keep us healthy during the upcoming holy month.  AMEEN

JazakAllah Khair

Vaseem Iftekhar
President: IFN


Assalamu Alaikum

The Holy month of Ramadan 2016 (1437 Hijri) is fast approaching.

Insha Allah, the Mercy and compassion of Allah (SWT) is about to shower on all of us. He will reward us profusely from His abundant treasures.  Now it is for us to derive the maximum benefit by offering prayers, fasting and spending in His way.

One of the ways to earn reward from Allah (SWT) is to sponsor Iftaar and Sahoor at IFN.

IFN is planning to have daily Iftar for about 75 walk-in-guests and Sahoor on last ten days of Ramadan; we need IFN families to sponsor Iftaar and Sahoor and use banquet hall for inviting guests which should not be more than 100 invited guests.

Attached are options and policy/procedure guidelines for Iftaar and Sahoor.

2016 IFN_Iftar_sponsorship-choices.pdf

If you are interested to sign-up for Iftaar and Sahoor sponsorship, please send me an email with the day and option you are interested.

Signup sheet will be filled on first come first serve basis. 

JazakAllah Khairen
Yousuf Mohammed
Foundation North
Social Director

Ramadan is undoubtedly the month of great blessings for us as Muslims. With a chance to reconnect with Allah (SWT) and grow closer to him throughout the month, IFN offers tarawih prayers, itikaf arrangements, daily iftar throughout the month, and sahoor during the last 10 days to encourage members to spend as much time as the masjid as possible.

Being that it is also the time of the year in which rewards are increased, volunteers are greatly encouraged to devote some of their time to help facilitate all of these services. Whether it be cleaning, coordinating parking, or simply donating, the help is always appreciated. Please contact an Executive Committee member to find out where you can help.

Also, during this month, IFN invites its Muslim and Non-Muslim neighbors of the Lake County Area for and Inter-faith and Intra-Faith Iftar/dinner to be IFN's distinguished guests and allow us to host them and share the Muslim tradition together as a community at large.

 IFN is proud  to be MUHSEN  certified.  Click here
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