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For a full schedule of what is recited each night during Ramadan. Click the Link below:

Proportion recited of the Qur’ān by Juz Nightly .pdf


I'tikaf Details

Islamic Foundation North invites and welcomes all brothers and sisters to its Iʿtikāf program. This year’s Iʿtikāf will begin at Maghrib on Wednesday, June 15, 2017 and will continue until June 24,2017.

Seclusion was important to the prophetic mission. The practice of Iʿtikāf is an act of worship in which the servant secludes himself to the masjid seeking closeness to Allah in the blessed last days of Ramadān. It is an act of temporarily withdrawing from the world and reconnecting with Allah in a meaningful way.

In light of this, participants will be encouraged to complete the recitation of the Qur’ān, engage in their own personal supplications and silent dhikr, listen to speeches on certain nights in the last 10 nights of Ramadān, and pray the Qiyāmul-layl.

The overnight stay will only be open to brothers and sisters. Participants are encouraged to complete the full Sunnah 10-day I’itikaf, but are also welcome to stay any duration of their choice (Nafl I’itikaf). We request you to keep those organizing the program in your private supplications.

Itikaf Schedule.pdf

Tarawih Details

Tarawih will be led by Imam Azfar Uddin and the IFN Qur'an Academy graduates. Imam Azfar will lead the first 8 rakats with a brief tafsir session after 4 rakats. The IFN Qur'an Academy students will complete the remaining 12 rakats. Witr will occur after 8 rakats (led by Imam Azfar) and then after 20 rakats (led by Hafiz Mustafa Naveed). 

On June 6, IFN Imam Azfaruddin has been suffering from a cough and cold. Doctors have prescribed him rest for a few days. We pray for his quick recovery. Ameen

Qari Osman Shareef, who heads our IFN Quran academy will be taking tarawih lead temporarily. As a matter of introduction Qari Osman received his Alim Degree from institute of Inaamiyah in Durban, South Africa. There he received higher certification in Quranic recitation and is a Qari of 10 authentic recitations.

Click Here for the Tarawih schedule.pdf

Ramadan 1438H 2017 – Iftar and Sahoor sponsorship choices

The Holy month of Ramadan is just a day away and we are haven't filled all the slots.

Please sign up today to sponsor Iftar or Sahoor. May Allah bless your family with Barakah.

Below are options and policy/procedure guidelines for Iftaar and Sahoor.


  • Option 1 - Request IFN Ramadan team to arrange iftar & dinner for walk-in guests
    • Food: IFN Ramadan team makes arrangement for the iftar and dinner at fixed cost of $400 for estimated 75 walk-in guests at the Masjid.
  • Option 2 - Arrange iftar & dinner for invited guests & walk-in guests on your own
    • Food: The sponsor makes arrangement for the iftar and dinner on their own for 75 walk-in guests plus the total number of invited guest. Total invited guests must not exceed 100.
  • Cleaning: IFN will charge $200 for cleaning.
  • Supplies: The Iftar sponsor is responsible for bringing supplies.


  • Option 1 - Request IFN Ramadan team to arrange Sahoor for people in Itteqaf
    • Food: IFN Ramadan team makes arrangement for the sahoor at fixed cost of $250 for people in Itteqaf on weekends and last 10 days.

Policies and guidelines:

  • Every iftar sponsorship must provide food for at least 75 walk-in guests. Walk-in guest includes Travelers, Singles, and Visitors coming to the masjid for iftar.
  • If Option 2 is chosen then the invited guest must NOT exceed 100 people including adults and children. The food for iftar and dinner ordered should be for 75 walk-in guests plus the number of invited guests. If the guest list exceeds 100 people, please consider sponsoring multiple iftars, as we CANNOT accommodate more than 175 people in the IFN banquet hall.
  • If Option 2 is chosen bringing paper products & other needed supplies is the responsibility of the sponsors.
  • If Option 2 is chosen a cleanup cost of $200 will be charged.

If you are interested to sign-up for Iftaar and Sahoor sponsorship, please send an email with the day and option you are interested at below emails.

Rafiq Rakhangi -
Altaf Hussian -
Yousuf Mohammed - 814-403-6842

Ramadan is undoubtedly the month of great blessings for us as Muslims. With a chance to reconnect with Allah (SWT) and grow closer to him throughout the month, IFN offers tarawih prayers, itikaf arrangements, daily iftar throughout the month, and sahoor during the last 10 days to encourage members to spend as much time as the masjid as possible.

Being that it is also the time of the year in which rewards are increased, volunteers are greatly encouraged to devote some of their time to help facilitate all of these services. Whether it be cleaning, coordinating parking, or simply donating, the help is always appreciated. Please contact an Executive Committee member to find out where you can help.

Also, during this month, IFN invites its Muslim and Non-Muslim neighbors of the Lake County Area for and Inter-faith and Intra-Faith Iftar/dinner to be IFN's distinguished guests and allow us to host them and share the Muslim tradition together as a community at large.

 IFN is proud  to be MUHSEN  certified.  Click here
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