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IFN Sunday School Administration encourages and welcomes dedicated Muslim Youth volunteers (high school or college students) to give back to the masjid for the sake of attaining the pleasure of Allah SWT as well earn great skills and experience to help you in this world as well as the Hereafter. In addition, we also welcome adults who are interested in volunteering and gaining experience as a T.A.  Please fill out this application highlighted in yellow below if you are interested in becoming a Teaching Assistant at IFN Sunday School. We will contact you to discuss next steps in shaa' Allah.

IFNSS Application for Teaching Assistant

Requirements for Being a TA at Sunday School:

~ A commitment for the whole School Year 

~ A minimum of 80% attendance or more. In case of absence, T.A.s are required to communicate in advance with their teacher as well as administration and try their best to find a substitute T.A. to cover for their absence

~ An understanding of and agreement to follow all school policies and procedures 

~ A commitment to attend at least two Staff Training Sessions (August 20th, November 5th, February 11th)

Preferred Age 15 years or older.

T.A Responsibilities: Please click on THIS LINK to learn more about the responsibilities of T.A.s at Sunday School. You will be required to sign this document linked above if you are selected as a TA.


IFN Sunday School encourages parents to be an integral part of their children’s Islamic education. Parent teacher conferences are held in the Spring of every school year to give parents a chance to talk to teachers and get first hand information about their child’s academic and behavior performance in Sunday School and ask questions. In addition, one of our school improvement goals this year is to provide more opportunities for parent involvement at Sunday School. To achieve this, we are offering several opportunities for parent involvement at IFNSS in sha' Allah.These include the following:

  1. Join Parent Support Group (PSG) as a leader or participant
  2. Become a Teaching Assistant (T.A)
  3. Become a Lunch/Recess Supervisor
  4. Lead a Morning Assembly
  5. Be a Substitute Teacher or TA

PLEASE SEE THIS DOCUMENT for a detailed description and time commitment for each of these opportunities.

If you are available and interested to join us, please fill out the form highlighted in green below and we will contact you based on your interest/availability.

IFNSS Parent Involvement Opportunities

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