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Alhamdillah, IFN is happy to inform that we are now Silver and  Gold Certified by MUHSEN (visit for more info). In furthering our cooperation with MUHSEN, we have started classes at Sunday School for children with special needs from  Fall of 2017 to present.

For more information, please email :

Sr.Sadia Thiryayi ( Lead Facilitator

Br.Shaaz Adeel ( Lead Teacher/ Facilitator

Sr.Huma Wasim (Lead Teacher )

Please fill out the enrollment form for Sunday school 2022-2023 below

IFN MUHSEN enrollment form-

For more information on MUHSEN, please visit

IFN is pleased to commit its support to MUHSEN in their efforts to help families with Special Needs. IFN is currently a Silver and Gold Certified institution as indicated from MUHSEN and we will continue to progress in our efforts to make it more inclusive for each and  every child with varied abilities.

Link to 2020-2021 Enrollment Form:

Also here is the link for the Muhsen Survey:

Request from MUHSEN below:
We want to know the requirements of Special Need Families in our community. If you know of any family with Special Needs, please click on the link below to fill out a Needs Assessment Survey -All Responses are Confidential:

MUHSEN has launched a map to show where there is a special needs individual on a on our Facebook page. Insha’Allah it will be an eye opener for this new merger between IFN & MUHSEN. 

Please visit & share:

We need Volunteers to help out with implementing some of these services that we plan to offer. Please DO YOUR PART and volunteer. 
Please click on the following link and pick “Special Needs” from the list:

More information on Muhsen can be found at:

 Join the Official _IFN WhatsApp Group

 IFN is proud  to be MUHSEN  certified.  Click here
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