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IFN Islamic Foundation North  is committed towards providing outlets for all of the members to have a voice. In doing so, and in accordance with the by-laws, IFN does have a Women Advocacy Committee.

IFN Women's Advocacy Committee invites you a Ladies Only Zoom Webinar 
Enhanced Security Guidelines mandate registration. Please register in advance.

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The IFN WAC was formed on March 3, 2017 in keeping with the 2015 IFN 



                5.10.1    The Women’s Affairs Committee shall be responsible for the women members at IFN

                5.10.2    The Women’s Affairs Committee shall comprise of three(3) members appointed by the (IFN) Executive Committee with at least two(2) members of the committee being women.”

                                                                                         (IFN Board of trustees, 2015. P.10)

We will soon meet monthly for lively discussions and a problem-solving approach regarding any concerns brought to the committee, and to discuss and plan projects and events based upon our discussions. Subcommittees will be open to work once projects have been started and at times that are convenient for them.

This approach will work very well as women are welcome to participate at the level that works best for them. Some attend the meetings to get to know other IFN women and participate in the lively discussions, and others take advantage of the opportunity to lead a project, and practice leadership skills. Others enjoy working on projects and seeing an idea someone has brought to the committee grow from large group discussion to actuality at IFN.


STEERING COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Gulzar Begum, Ayesha Khaleel, Afreen Shaikh,

Samina Anwar, Shama Arjumund, Seema Anwer, Deena Waheed and Aasimah Tanveer

 Join the Official _IFN WhatsApp Group

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