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Date:  Sunday, March 01, 2020
Location: IFN Banquet Hall
Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

As you are aware, the Strategic Planning_2030 started early last year. The goals were selected per the community’s priority after the Community workshop in April of 2019.

The leads will provide updates regarding their focus areas, and answer any questions that you might have.

Please come and learn more about the goals and milestones and volunteer to be part of any that you might be interested in.


IFN is a Muslim Institution dedicated to the principles of Islam, serving the community at large 

2030 portrait

IFN is a leading religious organization in Chicago land area, which has created an environment that provides the services and facilities to live by the values of an exemplary Muslim character, while encouraging a full and active engagement and collaboration with other local Masajids, Musallas, and communities of other faiths. IFN has a knowledge seeking, socially and civically engaged, integrated, compassionate, vibrant, and healthy Muslim community. IFN is economically stable and a self-sustaining organization.

Six Strategic Focus Areas

  • 1.      Educational Needs
  • 2.      Economic Needs
  • 3.      Outreach / Civic Engagement Needs
  • 4.      Physical Needs
  • 5.      Religious/Spiritual Needs
  • 6.      Social Needs

Alphabetical order

Strategic Planning Process

2025 Focus Areas portraits and 2020 goals

Educational Needs

IFN operates a full-fledged Pre-K to 5 Montessori school with a building with classroom facilities that leverage any other multi-purpose space available to and /or owned by IFN. IFN offers one of the best weekend schools in Chicago land. IFN provides special programs for Hafiz and Adult education in areas such as Tafseer. IFN trains weekend school teachers and certifies them to deliver Islamic education using the latest methods of distance and online learning and certification. With the best New Muslim program in Chicagoland, IFN offers information and support for new and prospective Muslims as well as special training in dawah and outreach. IFN provides a channel for community members and firms to offer full or partial scholarships to worthy high GPA scoring students of low income families

By 2020

  • Have at least a two year experience of running better than public pre K and kindergarten and specifically at or better than leading public school score levels.
  • Establish at least one scholarship for those who  want to pursue higher Islamic education
  • Complete  a feasibility to  partner with a certified institution to offer Islamic education and certification program

Economic Needs

IFN has an endowment of at least $5 million and funds at least 50% of operating expenses. The endowment is professionally managed with appropriate risk controls and based on halal means. At least 50% of the IFN members participate in the IFN's planned giving program and give at least 5% of their death benefits to IFN. At least 75% of programs run by IFN are financially self-sustaining

 By 2020

  • Annual targets for overall membership are met or exceeded and prominently stated goals in each planning cycle.
  • Endowment is at $3M, and at least 50% of operating expense is funded by endowment at approximately $150,000 per year. IFN's Endowment is professionally managed
  • At least 70% of the program run by IFN are financially self-sustaining

Outreach / Civic Engagement Needs

IFN is recognized for its outreach efforts to interested non-Muslims and provides regular programs presenting Islam. IFN is actively engaged with local schools, colleges, universities and other organizations to present Islamic values and support and strengthen their MSAs. IFN is also recognized for its efforts in tayaruf by learning together with other faiths, learning about each other, and learning from each other. IFN has members involved in civic engagements by having been elected to local and broader public office. IFN plays a leading role in Chicagoland in promoting local humanitarian causes

By 2020

  • IFN's members operate a program of inviting non-Muslim friends and co-workers and neighbors to visit the masjid and organize open houses at the masjid.
  • IFN regularly holds food drives, shelter and blood drives
  • Have a program in place to pair each new Muslim with a learned community member.

Physical Needs

On potentially new land, IFN has multipurpose facilities for gym, overspill space, and special events. IFN offers visiting primary care and preventive medical services as needed. IFN has dedicated funeral services and burial facilities that are selected to meet the community's needs. IFN partners with others to offer retirement home and assisted living services to the community as well as other social services. IFN also offers local safety programs such as for fire prevention

By 2020

  • A gymnasium has been fully planned and construction is underway by 2020. At least 50% of the funds are collected
  • IFN has fully operational self-sustained funeral and burial service
  • IFN has partnered with at least three medical practices to provide visiting free preventative care with doctor consulting hours at IFN premise.

Religious/Spiritual Needs

IFN is a recognized source of understanding of deen. It has a respected religious council drawn exclusively from among its members that include qualified scholars and learned people having expertise in comparative religion, social sciences, and mentoring, that through consultation are able to dispense guidance on matters of educational, social, economic, and inter-faith concern. One of the members of this council is IFN's permanent Imam.

By 2020

  • A full time Imam hired has been hired. Funds have been collected to cover at least two years of his salary by 2015
  • IFN runs programs to strengthen religious knowledge for all community members to help them become responsible Muslims. IFN also runs programs to assist new Muslims in easing their integration into IFN's community and has programs for non-Muslims to better understand Islam
  • Religious council has been established and roles and responsibilities are clearly defined by 2015

Social Needs

IFN runs and promotes its program for counseling (using male and female counselors) in all matters of Muslim life, including matrimonial, pre/post marriage guidance, retirement planning, etc. IFN matches interested youth with the big brother, big sister mentors for career and life counseling. IFN also offers babysitting services outside masjid premises for working mothers of the community. IFN places emphasis on play by organizing family events such as game nights and pot lucks.

By 2020

  • Have partnered with a certified counselor who understands Islam and spends at least 10 hours per week available to IFN
  • IFN runs a weekend cafeteria in its main facility but partners with local restaurants to provide the catering


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