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The Building Maintenance Committee is a group that has been established for the upkeep and maintenance of the Masjid, inside and out. Being that IFN is approaching its 10 year anniversary as an institution, a number of the utilities and equipment are approaching either their end of life, or 10 year assessment to determine the feasibility and quality of the equipment.

The committee is also responsible for regular cleaning and maintenance for the interior of the masjid as well as the landscaping and snow removal to the exterior of the property. Similarly, the committee is also responsible for the normal "wear and tear" to the interior of the masjid. This includes roof/ceiling repair, flooring, and walls.

The equipment maintenance includes the electrical (i.e. elevator) and plumbing systems along with Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning, ducts, and sprinklers. Other areas covered under the umbrella of the Building Maintenance Committee are the kitchen, light fixtures, fans in classrooms, and projector/monitors.

The committee is very accepting of ideas and volunteers who would like to be involved in the cleaning/maintenance of the masjid and its subsequent rooms. Whether it be the kitchen, banquet hall, prayer area, or the classrooms/offices, please feel free to contact the committee with any of your ideas and commitments.

Last year, much time was invested on the 10 year wear of the IFN building and equipment. Some of the items completed are listed below and shall continue in 2016.


  • Completely re-painted and miscellaneous repairs completed.
  • Sump Pumps replaced to help resolve water leaks
    • One potential leak is currently being evaluated and the resolution is still in progress
  • All current 12 HVAC Systems were serviced under a 3 year service plan with TopTec

1st Floor:

  • New primary donation box installed 
  • Various locations/dents on ceiling/walls were repaired
  • Funeral Preparation Area was made operational and in use after equipment was purchased.

2nd Floor:

  • Initial purchases were made (i.e., window treatments) to begin the 2nd phase of the Learning Resource Center
  • Evaluation of wall/ceiling and other cosmetic repairs were completed
    • Repairs to take place in 2016


  • Landscaping work involved removing dead shrubbery/trees 
  • A village approved walkway has been provided connecting the neighboring subdivision to the Masjid.
  • Plans developed for park area and garden maintenance/rework were complete
    • Work associated with the garden/park area is scheduled for 2016
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