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The Security & Safety Committee at IFN as the name indicates is focused on keeping the property safe and secure. From a tangible and maintenance effort, this includes review and upkeep of the property's camera and security system (CCTV). Also, this committee supports the set up and handles the parking coordination during the weekly Jumuah prayers and nightly during Ramadan. This endeavor alone requires the support of the community, thus the room for volunteers is always available. The committee continues regular scheduled surveillance of the property and recommends safety measures that can be implemented proactively such that the premises remain unharmed. Lastly, the committee is continuously looking to provide safety drives to the community and is open to newer ideas as community members desire.

Newly Hired Security Guard at IFN

Assalaamu alaikum,

I'm sending a little info. about myself.

I was in the United States Marine Corps in the early 60's. That's where I first started my martial arts and shooting skills. I accepted Islam in the late 60's and started traveling to the middle eastern countries in 1972. I moved to Saudi Arabia in 1975 and stayed there for almost 5 yrs. traveled back and forth from 1980 until 1997 where as I moved and taught English for 13 of the 14 yrs. in Syria. Left Syria and lived in Egypt for 2 yrs. I moved to Waukegan Il in 2013. I belong to the Lake County Marine Corps Det. 801 and I shoot with the pistol team. I am founder and President of "HOME GROWN SECURITY" Which I'm hoping is doing a good job for IFN community. I am married with two daughters and 7 grandchildren. I want to thank the IFN community for their support. May Allah bless all of you.

Your Brother & Friend

Shuaib Muhaymin

November 11, 2016 - IFN Security Guard at Oak Grove School

In last few months you may have seen a friendly and smiling person providing security at the masjid. His name is Br. Shuib. Some of you may also know that Br. Shuib is an Ex-Marine and a veteran. With veteran's day commemorated on Friday, please take time to thank Br. Shuib when you see him this weekend for his service to the country and now to IFN.

Here is the message I received about Br. Shuib's kind gesture at Oak Grove School where he was invited today (Friday) to attend the Veteran's day celebration.

"During the ceremony outside a young girl on stage was shivering. A Veteran stood up and walked to the stage and handed her his jacket. Later, during the closed ceremony inside he asked if he could speak. He thanked the school for inviting him to the ceremony and praised it. He then said, " You may have noticed that I gave my jacket to the shivering young girl on stage. I didn't do that because I'm a veteran, I did that because I'm a gentleman. I am also a Marine, but I am a Muslim American first." 

In this day and age where our faith is been questioned day in and day out, gestures like this would go a long way in building bridges, InshaAllah. Although not planned, Br. Shuib has seized an opportunity to presented himself as an ambassador for our faith at this event and set a good example for all of us.

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